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No one is more surprised than Fred that he's made a career out of doing what he used to do behind teacher's backs -- crossing his eyes, making sounds and doing voices. Now an alleged adult, Fred honks for a living as a writer, actor, sound designer and musician.

Once a freckled-faced, snaggled-toothed kid sitting on a Coke box eating Popsicles, listening to storytellers in small-town Georgia, he eventually grew up and ventured overseas, working for awhile as a street busker, blacksmith and then carpet salesman.

He tried to go legit, graduating Harvard Business School and working with Newsweek magazine. But, after weathering a few memos in triplicate, he decided better of it. He put his suits in the freezer.

Fred wrote the first incarnation of MOUTHSOUNDS in 1980, and began working as an actor, a writer, and a fairly inept puppeteer with Jim Henson, hosting many shows for Nickelodeon and Disney (including the New Mickey Mouse Club- yep, the one with Britney, Christina, Justin and JC). He created voices, music, and sound effects for the long-running Nickelodeon and Disney series "DOUG" and went on to win Aces, Emmys, Peabodys, Clios, yadda, yadda...

Now, his short sonic/phonic sketches can be seen daily on public television's award-winning reading show "Between the Lions." He's just completed the first season of a new music show for PBS called "Lomax," and just written an original story to be scored and performed by full symphony orchestra in March 2008.

Fred tours regularly with Garrison Keillor on his live Saturday evening show "A Prairie Home Companion" - once again, listening to stories and making sounds. He lives with his wife and two children, a cat, two surly parakeets and a turtle. They are all loud - except for the turtle.

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